NYC’s Homeless: In Their Own Words, and Pictures

Two Norganizations are looking to break through stereotypes about the homeless by letting non-domiciled people speak for themselves.

Housing is a Human Right is a creative storytelling project that aims to help connect diverse communities around housing, land, and the dignity of a place to call home.  The project creates a space for people to share stories of their community and ongoing experiences trying to obtain or maintain a place to call Home. The group is building a collection of intimate, viscerally honest narratives exploring the fabric of community and the human right to housing and land, “painting a living portrait of human rights.”

Picture the Homeless Members Deliver an Invoice
to City Council Member Erik Dilan – February 11, 2012

“Don’t talk about us; talk with us.”  That’s the message of the grassroots organization, Picture the Homeless, which was founded by and is led by homeless people. The group organizes for social justice around issues like housing, police violence, and the shelter-industrial complex. Its name is about challenging images, stigma, media (mis) representation – as well as putting forward an alternative vision of community.


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