5 Pointz


On Wednesday, October 24th, 2012, I had the opportunity to experience the real essence of graffiti art with my Discover New York class. We went on an excursion to Long Island City, NY to observe graffiti at a location known as 5 Pointz. Because I am not a native New Yorker, I was unsure as to what I would have the opportunity to observe. However, after seeing for myself I can honestly say 5 Pointz is a work of art, literally. The graffiti I observed had various meanings and a sense of individuality. From different  symbols to represent the artist, to celebrity graffiti pieces, 5 pointz allows artist from all over to express themselves freely through art. While there I learned that the graffiti on the walls are updated yearly at times due to the conditions of the weather and various celebrities check out 5 pointz when in New York such as Usher and Bruno Mars. There were many pieces that stood out to me during my visit, however three in particular are my favorites. 

The First: Notorious B.I.G. 


When I think of the Hip Hop culture of New York, Biggie is one of the greatest icons. I thought having a mural of him on the wall was only fitting and was placed in a great spot for subway observers to view as they ride past. 

The Second: Random Guy 



While at 5 Pointz we also were able to observe the piece above. This piece is particularly interesting because the artist took a picture of a random guy on the subway and decided to create graffiti art from it. Also, if you look into the eyes of the guy you can see that his pupils are shaped like hearts. The heart shape is a representation of the artist and in some ways allows the artist to leave his mark on the piece. 

The Third: Y U NO LOVE ME! 


I enjoyed this piece because I thought it was creative, and hilarious. There were numerous pieces like this throughout 5 Pointz that had a sense of individuality. 

Overall, the trip to 5 Pointz was a rewarding experience that allowed me to see a big part of New York history. The art that’s on display is some of the best pieces of art I observed thus far. I would definitely recommend 5 Pointz to those visiting New York as it is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 


One response to “5 Pointz

  1. Beautiful post, all around — description, commentary, and images. Excellent photos. I think these may be favorite too (I actually missed that last one — good catch).. The selection shows off the range of techniques and styles. The “Y U No Love Me?!” piece was a good choice, in that it’s not typically what one thinks of when they think of graffiti culture; it’s funny and philosophical at the same time.

    I really love “Random Guy,” also for the way it’s different, innovative in its technique. As Meres explained, the artist used Pointillism, but adapted for the (large) scale and (outdoor/building) surface. What’s especially fresh about this is how it brings a “high art” style down to the street. Pointillism was a technique associated with French Impressionism — and you can’t get more “bourgeois” than French Impressionism. To have the technique appropriated by the descendents of so-called “anti-social” graffiti “bombers” is charmingly unexpected. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pointillism

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