Encountering Strangers

With my move to New York I have had to get use to encountering new people. The range of personalities that I have seen have both interested me and disgusted me. The first I notice was that for the most part everyone stayed to themselves. Everyone had somewhere to go something to do. There was also the experience I had with the female population of New York. Since I am from Maryland maybe I dress differently or act differently. I began to wonder why every time I walked past females I got weird stares and even some comments.

When I brought it up in class apparently some of the other out of state females experienced the same things. They all agreed with me about the looks and comments that they heard from theses females. The females I’m speaking of aren’t of the older generation but our generation so it made me wonder why we were so judged. Me personally I try not to judge people and I love complimenting people. O tries to find something good on the first moment I see them especially females. I am not homosexual in anyway but I do admire the female appearance so if anyway I find something beautiful I will compliment you not turn it into spite and pick your flaws.

 Another thing I have experienced was the younger male generation. I don’t mind being approached by males as long as they are respectful. Back in Maryland I got the “how you doing sweetheart?” and the “excuse me can I talk to you for a minute?” but in New York the males here do this thing where they yell Yo very loud and in your direction. Personally I feel you should never call a female Yo. For me hanging out with a lot of males I feel like the word Yo is a word for other male friends not for a female that you are trying to speak to and get to know. I also feel like it is very disrespectful. For me to have sparked your interest in some type of way I would think that it would be common courtesy for a proper greeting but maybe I’m just old fashion.

Then there is the older generation. At this point I have just decided that the older generation expects the worst from my generation due to the “maturity” of the upcoming children. I have witnessed and had my “old” moments when these middle school and high school children get on the bus. They’re usually loud cursing disrespectful and usually don’t care for the older opinion. Now I must admit I had my moments when I was their age so I understand but I feel like for them it’s getting worse. The other day I was getting out of the car with a friend of mine and there were some kids hanging out on the corner. I didn’t know exactly what they were talking about but I heard one of them saying something about “busting their ass”. My first instinct was to look for the person who said that word. When I realized that it was a boy that looked no older than 12 and that’s my being generous, I was a bit offended.  I guess with maturing you expect better from children who explain why adults were always “party poopers” in my eyes growing up but now I understand.


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