5 Pointz Reaction Blog

The class trip to 5 Pointz was very fun and interesting. Graffiti has always fascinated me and I always tried to do graffiti in my notebooks during class but it was never very good. Growing up in Long Island I was never really exposed to much graffiti so whenever I saw pictures of it online or saw it in the city I was always fascinated by it. I think everyone should visit 5 Pointz atleast once before they go on and judge graffiti and the people who do it. In class we discussed whether or not we thought graffiti was a crime and I think anyone who has visited 5 pointz atleast once would appreciate graffiti as an art rather than a crime.

I was very excited for our trip to 5 Pointz however the day did not start as planned because a few classmates and I missed taking the bus with Professor Hala and the rest of the class. Rather than just skipping the trip I offered to drive everyone there and it was definitely well worth it. On the way there we got to talk and get to know each other a little better and when we got to 5 Pointz we were all amazed. The graffiti on the walls at 5 Pointz are not the graffiti most people see on walls in queens and they are far more thought out then the simple bubble letters many people think of when they see graffiti. Our guide even explained to us the differences between wes and east coast artists. He also told us that they call themselves “aerosol writers” rather than artists. The tour guide taught me a lot of things I never knew about graffiti like all the different ways they do graffiti. He told us about using stencils to make graffiti and also tod us that osme pieces were done with paint rollers rather than spray cans. He showed a piece done in what looked like pointilism but was paint with drips.

The graffiti at 5 Pointz was amazing and was by far the best art I have ever seen. It is truly amazing what these aerosol writers can do with a spray can, paint rollers, stencils, etc. and my favorite wall of them all was the front of the building where they paid homage to the artists who did pieces there and also the artwork displayed was amazing. The tour guide was great and he was an expert on 5 pointz. He knew every piece and every artist who did them and was very informational. My personal favorite piece out of them all was definitely the one of Biggie’s face on the back of the building. Although it was hard to get a good glimpse of it on ground level, the piece was great and was about 40 feet tall. I will definitely be visiting 5 Pointz sometime soon especially because there are rumors that the warehouse will be torn down by fall 2013. I really hope the owner doesn’t decide to do this because 5 Pointz is more than just a graffiti covered building, it shows how graffiti has evolved and the amazing artrork that can be done on walls rather than a canvas.





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