Christmas Spectacular

Maria Marquez
DNY – Professor Hala
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Christmas Spectacular

It’s fast approaching that time of year where everyone is bustling about Christmas cheer and busy finding the perfect gifts for their friends and family.  To get into the holiday cheer my suitemate and I purchased tickets to the Christmas Spectacular through our St. John’s discount.  We had to get to Radio City without anyone else.  This would mean we would be travelling without the guidance of someone more familiar with the location like we did normally.  I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to use our shared knowledge to get there using public transportation.  During the beginning of the year I would feel worried of getting lost and not being able to find my way through the MTA.  However, when we went to Radio City I felt more comfortable and at ease travelling using a subway and a bus.  That alone is phenomenal for me because I have such a terrible sense of direction.  It amazes me that it’s only been one semester and I’m already that much better with the public transportation system.

When we got to our stop, we decided to eat before watching the show because we knew we were going to be hungry and the food there was going to be too expensive.  I took my suitemate to eat Halal on 53rd and 6th.  I had gone on several previous occasions and believe that everyone should have the chance to enjoy such a meal at least once in their lives.

Upon reaching the actual Radio City venue I was struck with sheer awe as it was my first time ever seeing such a sight.  The ceilings were high and there was a giant rotating chandelier in the center of the room.  The magnitude of the building was really impressive and only added to the experience of actually watching the Christmas Spectacular.  While we were sitting in the third mezone our spots were still appreciable as we were able to get an excellent view of the show.  I was really amazed with the lighting and movement of the set pieces along with the actual coordination of the dances.  Overall this experience has made my holiday season that much better especially because I have never been to such a spectacle.


One response to “Christmas Spectacular

  1. A spectacular night all around. And if it gets you feeling merry (“in the spirit”) that’s pretty wonderful as it seems harder to do. The timing of the academic semester tends to have something to do with it for me (all the deadlines). The same goes for students. Then again, you don’t want to miss out on the cultural and social opportunities afforded by the city (and SJU discounts and freebies). Lots to learn there too. And spectacles are fun.

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