Negotiating Public Space

            During Christmas holidays, people follow such strict social norms that it is almost strange to see someone not following them. For example a social norm is to decorate the inside and outside of your house with lights and Christmas trees. During this time of year driving around you will not be about o drive down 3 blocks of house without seeing some type of Christmas decorations. This time of year also bring a social norm that affects people internally which is happiness and kindness. People feel the need to give and share the Christmas spirit with everyone which spreads happiness like a plague. Social norms like Santa Clause comes out when children expect to receive gifts on christmas mornings. Children have been taught to walk up early Christmas morning and “Santa Clause” would have brought the gifts already under the Christmas tree.

          I decided to look a the social norms in my local mall in Staten Island New York. I sat down in the middle off the mall where most people walk by to get to the other side of the mall. Just by sitting there i noticed a norm already, there was a huge Christmas tree right in the middle. people walked by me with a cheerful spirit and i notice that people i didnt know came up to me saying hi but on a regular day no one came up to me. people are more welcoming during the holiday than doing a regular day. People were dressed in Christmas colors and wearing red Christmas hats. There was also a mall Santa that children wanted to take pictures with. I also noticed that the stores had discounts on their items which came with the holiday.

            My favorite norm was that the mall has a chorus singing christmas songs. All this was done because of tradition of a social norm. i Believe Christmas has one of the most used Social norms in society.


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