Hurricane Sandy, when it hit I was in my dorm room and looking out my window it didnt look as bad as it happened to be. I was watching the news forecast a day before the hurricane and they said it was going to be a category one hurricane. I was think that wasnt bad and it wouldnt do damage. It started to get windy and it seemed cool at first standing outside in the wind but it it started raining hard and I got a warning on my phone that it wasnt safe to go out.

After the storm had died down, my roommates and I went outside to go to 7/11 and on our walk there we saw the damage the storm had done outside the campus or out own little world. Trees were ripped from their roots and power lines were done. I remember we tried to go through on of the trees but thank God for one of he public Safety officers stopped us and told us that there were live power lines in the tree. Who knows what would have happened.

I used to live in Staten Island which is surrounded by water so i decided to call my friends and family there. they sent me pictures of the after math of Hurricane Sandy in staten Island and it was horrific. Water levels had risen past car levels and walking on the streets was dangerous because of fear off being swiped away. My friend told me he had to use his small boat to navigate the streets that was how bad it was. i got a picture from a friend about how the storm had lifted up cargo ship from the ocean and dropped it on the land. I was surprised on how strong the storm could be.

Even today people are still struggling to get back to the life they once knew before Hurricane Sandy. Many houses were lost or damaged but one thing I know about New York is that we are very helpful when it comes to others. So i know that people will get by this but with the help of others.ImageImageImage



  1. Wow. Amazing photos. Thanks for the report!

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