5 Pointz Reaction Post

Jane Soliternik

My favorite trip that I took as a freshman in St. John’s is the 5 Pointz trip because it was truly inspirational and it opened my mind to a whole new perspective. I used to appreciate graffiti, but not as much as I started to after visiting the place. I have never seen graffiti like this before. It ranged from portraits to landscapes, words to phrases. The artwork was incredibly beautiful. Every artist portrayed some sort of message in their work, like one in particular that depicted an emotional scene from beauty and the beast. As an artist, I usually stick to acrylic, oil. or water color painting on canvas, but I have been wanting to try a new medium and 5 Pointz is the perfect place. I was encouraged to perhaps put up one of my own pieces someday. Unfortunately, I was shocked when I heard about 5 Pointz possibly being closed down. More people should see this type of graffiti as an important piece of art that characterizes our era. We conserved the sculptures, monuments, and columns that characterized the height of the Greek and Roman Empires, and the Romantic paintings of the French Renaissance Era. Why shouldn’t we conserve the warehouse that characterizes the era we are living in right now instead of destroying it?


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