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Times Square

           My first time in time square was something that was incredibly memorable. It crazy how you can live in New York but never been to Times Square. that was my case. I lived in staten Island for 7 yrs and i had never been to Times Square.After coming to college in August my roommates always tried to convince me that the trip would be worth while. i finally decided to go with them. It was mid October and it was a Thursday. We decided to take the walk to hillside ave to take the F train. Doing the whole trip the only the only thing i was thinking about was that was the trip really worth it. I thought it was just a whole bunch of hype behind it.

            The trip was about 45 mins to Times Square. We were under ground but the moment i stepped out from the subway to Times Square I knew i made the right choice. Times Square was incredibly packed  on a Thursday in the middle of October. I was amazed by all the bright lights and the billboard signs everywhere. it was around 8pm at night but in Times Square the lights lit up the night sky. We walked to the intersection of times square where the streets are shaped in the form of a “Y”. there where so many stores that i wasn’t sure which one to go to first. i decided to start at the end and walk my way up. the first store was the Hersey chocolate factory which had my favorite brand of candy. After that one of my friends i was with she wanted to go to Forever 21 which we did and it had about 3 floors in it. Going in there i saw they had a Men’s section too which i never knew so i learned something new about Forever 21. After leaving we went into other stores like toy r us which was huge also. it seems like every store on Times square was about 3 times the normal size you would see anywhere else. 

         Walking on the streets alone was interesting. There were a lot of people singing or dancing or even dressed up in a superhero costume. we say a tall batman who wanted to take a picture with us but for a price. we saw a chubby spider-man and we also saw the famous naked cowboy. After seeing all this we head back to school. but i can truly say that going to Times Square was a memorable experience that i wish i didnt experience sooner. 


Negotiating Public Space

            During Christmas holidays, people follow such strict social norms that it is almost strange to see someone not following them. For example a social norm is to decorate the inside and outside of your house with lights and Christmas trees. During this time of year driving around you will not be about o drive down 3 blocks of house without seeing some type of Christmas decorations. This time of year also bring a social norm that affects people internally which is happiness and kindness. People feel the need to give and share the Christmas spirit with everyone which spreads happiness like a plague. Social norms like Santa Clause comes out when children expect to receive gifts on christmas mornings. Children have been taught to walk up early Christmas morning and “Santa Clause” would have brought the gifts already under the Christmas tree.

          I decided to look a the social norms in my local mall in Staten Island New York. I sat down in the middle off the mall where most people walk by to get to the other side of the mall. Just by sitting there i noticed a norm already, there was a huge Christmas tree right in the middle. people walked by me with a cheerful spirit and i notice that people i didnt know came up to me saying hi but on a regular day no one came up to me. people are more welcoming during the holiday than doing a regular day. People were dressed in Christmas colors and wearing red Christmas hats. There was also a mall Santa that children wanted to take pictures with. I also noticed that the stores had discounts on their items which came with the holiday.

            My favorite norm was that the mall has a chorus singing christmas songs. All this was done because of tradition of a social norm. i Believe Christmas has one of the most used Social norms in society.


Hurricane Sandy, when it hit I was in my dorm room and looking out my window it didnt look as bad as it happened to be. I was watching the news forecast a day before the hurricane and they said it was going to be a category one hurricane. I was think that wasnt bad and it wouldnt do damage. It started to get windy and it seemed cool at first standing outside in the wind but it it started raining hard and I got a warning on my phone that it wasnt safe to go out.

After the storm had died down, my roommates and I went outside to go to 7/11 and on our walk there we saw the damage the storm had done outside the campus or out own little world. Trees were ripped from their roots and power lines were done. I remember we tried to go through on of the trees but thank God for one of he public Safety officers stopped us and told us that there were live power lines in the tree. Who knows what would have happened.

I used to live in Staten Island which is surrounded by water so i decided to call my friends and family there. they sent me pictures of the after math of Hurricane Sandy in staten Island and it was horrific. Water levels had risen past car levels and walking on the streets was dangerous because of fear off being swiped away. My friend told me he had to use his small boat to navigate the streets that was how bad it was. i got a picture from a friend about how the storm had lifted up cargo ship from the ocean and dropped it on the land. I was surprised on how strong the storm could be.

Even today people are still struggling to get back to the life they once knew before Hurricane Sandy. Many houses were lost or damaged but one thing I know about New York is that we are very helpful when it comes to others. So i know that people will get by this but with the help of others.ImageImageImage

Encountering Strangers. Define Yourself

Encountering Strangers. Define Yourself

Define yourself. Words so simple but yet so complicated. Living in New York brings a variety of different people from different places. this was going to be my testing ground to find out how people define themselves. I chose to go into Manhattan and question people on this topic, Manhattan is full of business people or tourist so i knew for sure i was going to get different answers. i decide to question a business man, a tourist, and a average person. finding a business man in Manhattan was the easy part but finding a business man that wasn’t in a rush and would speak to me was the hard part. After many trial and errors I finally found a business man that was leaving work from Goldman Sachs. I walked up to him and asked him “define yourself”

He was confused but also interested. he smiled and told me to come inside the building with him so we can talk. He told me his name was Charles and he was a accountant for Goldman Sachs. He asked what i meant by “define myself” and what i needed it for. i explained it was for a school project and said he would be glad to help. He didn’t know where to start on the subject so he just started by saying ” I was born in Staten Island, NY in Port Richmond. I lived with my mother and father and attended Port Richmond High school then after attended Princeton University.” He explained to me that doing his early years he often pondered the meaning of life and the purpose of our existence in the world. He told me he wanted to make a difference in the world and not just be a gain of sand on the beach mattering to nobody. He said that he defined himself by his action and words and how he conducted himself. He defined himself as smart, educated, courageous, adventitious, and daring. The last thing on the topic that he said was that he defines himself as a man simply trying to make it to the top.

After I left the business man, my next target would be a tourist. that too was a fairly easy thing to so because New York City is overwhelmed with them. I found a woman taking pictures of the empire state building and i walked up to her and told her i had a school project and i needed her help. I explained what the project was about and then i asked her to “Define herself”. She described herself as a elderly woman who still believes she is young and lovely, she said she is adventurous and loves taking trips around the world. she said life was too short not to experience the most of it and that she defined herself by where she goes, what she has seen in life and the amount of people she has helped in this world. she said to me that we have to give back to the world in anyway that we could. that was all that she was able to give me.

Next was average person. I found a person buying a hot dog and explained to him what i was doing and i asked him to “define himself”. He had a hard time doing so, he had to think about it and then he told me that he was just a everyday New yorker going about his life day to day. He said he defines himself by all the good things he has done and also by his 3 children, what they grow up to be will define him as a parent. After my studies where done i realized that one thing all 3 people had in common was that they all wanted to leave a legacy with the world.