Provisional class schedule:

8/29 – Course Overview & Introduction

9/5 – Communities, Social Norms, and Boundaries

C. Wright Mills, “The Promise,” Ch. 1 (Excerpt, 5 pgs) in The Sociological Imagination (Oxford University Press, 1959)

Richard Schaefer, “Deviance and Social Control,” Ch. 7, pp. 171-191, in Sociology, 12th edition (McGraw Hill, 2010)

Website: Enter your home zip code to find your “community type,” and assess the results.  Is the description accurate?

9/12 – The Making and Remaking of New York after WWII: Economic Transformation, Public Policy and Social Stratification

In-class (video): “New York: A Documentary Film,” Episode 7: “The City and the World (1946-2003)

9/19 – Crisis: New York City in the 70s and 80s

Alex S. Vitale, City of Disorder: How the Quality of Life Campaign Transformed New York Politics (NYU Press, 2009).  Introduction.

9/26 – Style Wars

Alex S. Vitale,City of Disorder,  Ch. 2: Conceptualizing the Paradigm Shift.

In-class (video): “Style Wars” (Silvers & Chalfant, 1983)

10/3 – The Quality of Life Paradigm

Alex S. Vitale, City of Disorder, Ch. 2: Defining the Quality-of-Life Paradigm, Ch. 3: Defining Urban Liberalism.

10/10 – The Transformation of Policing in New York City

Alex S. Vitale, City of Disorder, Ch. 6: The Transformation of Policing

10/17 – City of Disorder / Midterm Review (+ Workshop)

10/24 – Field Trip: Five Pointz, Long Island City

Alex S. Vitale, City of Disorder, Ch. 5, Ch. 7, and Conclusion.

10/31 – No Class Scheduled

11/7 – Symbolic Interaction on the Street

Erving Goffman, “Stigma and Social Identity,” pp. 1-19, “Information Control and Personal Identity,” pp.42-62, and “The Self and its Other,” pp. 126-139; From Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity (Simon & Schuster, 1963).

Recommended: Amir Marvasti, “Being Middle Eastern American: Identity. Negotiation in the Context of the War on Terror,” Symbolic Interaction 28(4) (2005)

Recommended (audio): “The ABCs of Chinese Americans,” Helen Peng, Radio Rookies, WNYC, 10/18/2010. (10 min)

11/14 Public space in Post-9/11 NYC

Gregory Smithsimon “‘A Stiff Clarifying Test is In Order’: Occupy and Negotiating Rights in Public Space,” In L.J. Brown and R. Shiffman, Eds., Beyond Zuccotti Park: Freedom of Assembly and the Occupation of Public Space (2012).

Sharon Zukin (video): Big Think Interview With Sharon Zukin. A conversation on urban culture with the CUNY sociologist and author of Naked City.

Alex S. Vitale, City of Disorder, Ch. 5, Ch. 7, and Conclusion

Recommended (podcast): Alex Vitale on police and protest in New York City, “Behind the News with Doug Henwood,” KPFA, October 28, 2011 (Scroll down by date. Interview starts at 6:00, 27 mins).  Doug Henwood, “Shaking a fist at the NYPD,” LBO News, September 30, 2011.

11/21 – Race and Real Estate: Gentrification and the Housing Crisis

In-class (video): “The House We Live In,” Episode 3 of “Race: The Power of an Illusion”

Catherine Dunn, “Foreclosure Crisis Fades to Black and Brown,” City Limits (August 2011).

Betty Reid Mandell, “Homeless Shelters: A Feeble Response to Homelessness,” New Politics (2007).

Recommended: Neighborhood Economic Development & Advocacy Project (NEDAP) et al., “Paying More for the American Dream VI: Racial Disparities in FHA/VA Lending” (2012) and “Mortgage Lending and Foreclosures in Immigrant Communities” (2010).

11/28 – Guest speaker, Kesha Young, NYC Neighborhood Story Project Director/Editor, New York Writers Coalition

The NYC Neighborhood Story Project, From Kingsbridge to Carnarsie: Reflections by 8 NYC Girls, (NY Writers Coalition Press, 2008).




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